Beauty Tips

Winter Beauty Tips

Hey Guys...As Winter approach we need to take care of our skin even moe than before whether it be Oily,dry or normal dries out your skin gives chapped lips but here are some tips which helps keep aour skin look beautiful winter days too...:)

The first important thing is to keep your skin moisturised...use a good moisturiser to keep skin smooth,so that your skin does'nt dries out

EXFOLIATEExfoliation helps replenish the required oils of the body and removes dry, dead skin cells and dirt from the face. Try to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. You can also opt to cleanse your face on a regular basis.

SUNSCREENSunscreen is probably the most essential component of one's skincare regimen. Wrinkles, which are the number one sign of aging, are triggered by sun exposure. So it is essential to make use of sunscreen from your early years. Don't forget sunscreen even in winter and on cloudy days.

Chapped lips can be your worst nightmare. They hurt a lot and they don't look good. You should apply a lip balm or oil or gel on your lips so that they won't chap out.

A humidifier will help regain smoothness of the skin. In winters, the skin becomes drier, so a humidifier becomes necessary.

If you are sleep-deprived, your skin will look sallow, dull, tired and saggy. A well-disciplined routine and at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night are important for good skin.

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