Tuesday, 1 July 2014

8 Must Know Makeup Tips

Hi Everyone,
Ever wonder what we are missing in our makeup routine??Being just a step back from that perfect look!What are the techniques you are lacking behind here are the 8 Must Know Makeup Tips you must know

>Use a tone darker foundation shade than your skin tone to get natural look.
>Its better to apply powder after mascara on lashes when its a bit wet from completely drying out than applying 2 coats of mascara.
>Use two tone darker shade on the sides of nose to highlight the nose to give proper shape.
>To make your face look slimmer apply darker shades of bronze below cheek bones slightly.
>Concealer is a must to hide that blemishes and darkspots to get that equal facial skin tone.
>Avoid foundation on eyes it will give dry look and makes hassle applying eye makeup.
>Its best to opt eye primer applying gently little amount of primer will work good for eyes.
>Lastly use a good makeup remover and one must remove makeup before going to bed experts suggest.