Monday, 9 June 2014

Must Have Summer Essentials To Carry In Bag

HI Everyone,
I know its late that I‘m writing this article on Summer Essentials You Must Have In Bag...but I lately came up with this article idea and more lately writing on it... I‘m a bit low coz I lost my mobile in which I had all my important cantacts and much precious blog posts saved in draft to publish timely...
But have to proceed any how here is my must have summer essentials-

>The most important & top on list is sunscreen you must have a good sunscreen I trust only lakme for good sunscreen Lakme Sunexpert Fairness +UV Lotion With SPF24/PA++
>In summer skin release much oil.The skin becomes much oily in these days so you must have a good oil control facewash.
>Don‘t go for other options which only gives nice skin moisturising properties choose Lakme 9 to 5 for all day long coverage.
>Carrying a lip moisturiser to protecte your lips from dryness is necessary to avoid that chappy lips.
>Whether its summer or any season I always carry small sanitizer with me.