Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Wishlist From Chicnova :)

Hi Everyone,
When it comes to buying dresses what we want is the one which best appeals our heart and when I thought about writing a fashionable dress post from 4 dressess appealed my retina the most that I have to pick them all instead I thought to blog post only on 1 dress.Ya...I think, its divine that we gals can‘t get enough of anything we love specially clothes.
`Chicnova‘ the name itself defines how stylish dress it has.Have you ever got a compliment that “you are looking a chic“ if not then you will now.I love all dress and specially quality of them.There are all look appealing stylish clothes in here just check out
Here are some dress which are in my wishlist from Chicnova take a look-

1] The yellow I loved it for its elegant look it gives and the cross V neck with long sleeves makes it much more adorable.
2] Next is the high waist see through chiffon dress which is stylish yet simple dress and is available in 2 more colors.
3] Third is my lovely highwaist, square neck floral print top with puff sleeves...aww I loveed it the most.
4] The next is Contrast cutout, V neck, dovetail chiffon dress.
I love to know which dress you loved the most.

Yellow V Neck Dress

High waist chiffon dress

Floral Print Puff Sleeves Dress
contrast-color-cutout-deep-v-joint-dovetail-chiffon dress