Friday, 23 May 2014

How to get Parlor/Salon like Makeup at home

Have been many times to parlor/salon for special occassions or parties to look our best.Then why not to get parlor like makeup at home yourself.When I visited last time beauty parlor to get ready gor my cousin's wedding,I noticed how they do makeup..,that we get perfect look which also lasts longer...So I thought to post on my blog.
1.Firstly wash your face using cleansing face wash or any mild face scrub according to your skin type before going to start makeup.

2.Then rub ice cube on face and neck it will give non patchy look and controls oil on skin for long hours.
3.Now let the skin relax for 5-10 mins and then apply moisturiser.
4.Apply concealer to cover any darkspots.
5.Now apply foundation using foundation sponge,its best for equal coverage though you are not an beauty expert but still can apply like a pro using good quality sponge.
6.Another important step isto give 10 mins time for your skin to absorb foundation.This is a big step to avoid patchy look.
8.Now to highlight makeup -Use golden color loose powder or if you don't have it can also use from eyeshades give a thin line on  under eye skin but a little bit dark,apply same shade on nose and chin.
7.Then apply compact powder,its better to always go for a bit darker shade then your skin tone.
8.For wheatish or dark skin tone use a bit light foundation and compact powder.
9.Apply eyeshadows then go for liner and then mascara depending on the look you want to get.
》Important point is,its not necessary to use same eyeshadows always as the dress color is- sometimes it gives ugly look.
10.Always remember to keep your lips moisturised.Use a good lip moisturiser then apply lipstick.
11.Lastly,give any touchups if necessary.
Here we get perfect parlor like makeup at home without spending money at big salons/parlor.If you have any query please feel free to comment.