Thursday, 29 August 2013

How To Do Everyday Simple Makeup For a Natural Look

Clean Your Face The first step is to wash your face,use a face wash to remove any dirt and impurities

Apply mosturiser so that the makeup base blends easily without any dryness

Use a concealer if u feel its necessary to hide any spots or blemishes on your face,I prefer applying it with finger tip you can also use a brush

Foundation You can use liquid or powder foundation depending on your choice...,I prefer applying Lakme Mousse Natural Look Foundation(Love this product on top of my list)

Powder After applying foundation,apply powder onto your face using a brush it will blend with your foundation base

Apply blush take some blush definitely lite brown or pink color,as you want a simple natural I will go for Revlon Professional Pink Blush

Eye Primer Apply little bit of primer on eyes..,if u dont have primer you can also use foundation

Neutral Colors on Eyes USe natural color on eyes or skip this step if u dont want is the image for simple eye shade

Lip Mosturiser Atlast apply lip mosturiser or any pink color lip gloss.

These were the simple steps to get the everyday natural look you can also apply liner and mascara if you feel important to complete the look...