Sunday, 28 July 2013

Best Hair Care Tips & Solutions

Hii Everyone...!!!Healthy and beautiful looking hair gives you overall good look.Though some people strugle to have nice hair and try many things to make hair healthy, to grow faster...Here are some Hair Care tips to try Im sure this will help you to grow hair faster and also to control hair fall it worked for me perfectly...

Firstly the best thing which helps your hair retain their natural shine and to strengthen the roots apply egg on to your hair and leave it for 20-30 mins and rinse off.If u have dry hair mix 2 teaspoon of oil in it to avoid making your hair more dry out,even if you have fizzy hair  applying egg also helps.You can do this twice in a week for better results.

The next is apply amla on your is the way how you can apply amla...dry amla for a day or two then boil it in coconut oil till the oil becomes half then keep it in a bottle dont forget to let it cool completely before applying oil you can also use this oil as many days as you want to avoid boiling it again and again....This helps your hair grow fast making your hair roots stronger to control hairfall,
10 out of 8 people suggest amla for hair.

Keep oil atleast for 1hr if you cant keep for whole night...can also apply 1hr or 30 mins before taking shower as dry hair fallout much.

Avoid using chemicals as much as possible.

Use shampoo twice in a week and avoid washing hair daily as it wash off your hair natural oil too which the scalp has.

Its right conditioning makes your hair smooth, use a good conditioner but do not apply onto the scalp just apply on hair and roots.Remember applying conditioner on scalp will just dry out your scalp.

Keep your hair clean,Protect from dust & pollution, cover your hair when going out and too much exposure to sun.

Also avoid dryers,irons& this will damage your hair

Hope these tips help you...if u have any query feel free to comment...!!!